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  • Coral candid is an online platform which enables advertisers to create their digital campaigns at an affordable cost. The platform offers advertising on all social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and websites across all genres. The easy to use platform helps advertisers create digital media plans by submitting basic information along with assistance in creating their online ads.

    Coral candid enables you to create and execute online campaigns based on your budget, helping you achieve your business goals. Based on your industry, product or service, MediaQart sends you customized plans to help you achieve your business goals. If you are a travel agent or an automobile dealer, MediaQart will help you generate the most relevant leads for your business. For beauty salons, you can reach out to more people in your locality in a more cost effective manner.

    Log on to and click on Start now.

    • Enter your Campaign Name, Performance Parameter and Budget
    • Enter your Company Details
    • Tell us about your product / services
    • Register
    • Receive a customized Media Plan
    • Complete your payment through PayU gateway

    It's fairly simple. Log on to www.mediqart.com, and follow steps mentioned in 'How do I get started with MediQart?'

    All mediums have got their own merit. However digital advertising helps you reach exactly the audience who will potentially buy your product or services with minimizing the spillage. Online advertising is a ROI driven media wherein you would exactly know how many people have seen your ad hence becomes more focused and cost effective.

    The cost of a campaign depends on various factors such as:-

    • What is your target industry. 
    • What is the performance parameter you want to achieve for eg:- Clicks, Reach, Leads or Video Views to name a few.
    • Platforms you select for eg:- Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube or websites under specific genres like Food or Entertainment to name a couple. 
    • What is the duration of your campaign and the geo-targeting you want to advertise in.

    Depending on the above, MediaQart will create a customized media plan for you.

    Digital advertising helps you reach exactly the audience who will potentially buy your product or services with minimizing the spillage. Also online advertising is a ROI driven media wherein you would exactly know how many people have seen your ad hence becomes more focused and cost effective.

    Coral candid is a one stop smart platform to help you plan, execute and optimize online advertising

    • Speed - Set up you Digital Campaign in a matter of minutes and we will help you execute them
    • Expert Recommendations - Data driven recommendation on best digital platforms for your campaign
    • Transparent Reporting - Access to campaign reports which gives complete details on performance of the campaign
    • Optimized and Affordable - Cost effective and ROI driven platform to grow your business

    You can reach out to us if you need to:

    • Advertise in specific regions from where you want to attract customers
    • Grow your business by reaching target customers
    • Get assistance in making online ads
    • Get leads for your business
    • Promote special offers
    • Promote your website
    • Launch a product

    Yes, one of the benefits of online advertising is targeting specific geo-locations from where you believe you will be able to fetch maximum business.

    Absolutely, you can specify the age range, gender and interests along with location for focused targeting on a digital platform.

    Yes. While there is a minimum budget to achieve specific reach, our media planning team will be able to help you arrive at a minimum budget depending on the objective of your campaign.

    There is no minimum campaign duration.

    Depending on when the ad will have maximum reach and maximum impact you can select to run the campaign on both weekends and weekdays.

    If you already have creatives ready, you can start your campaign within 2 days after the payment. It also depends on the availability of the inventory, however incase of any change in the dates, we will keep you posted in advance.

    Incase the campaign doesn't work out as expected and you need to stop the campaign, you will need to write to us at info@mediaqart.com to stop the campaign. Kindly note that since the inventory is booked in advance it might take upto 2 days to stop the campaign, however the attempt will be stop the campaign at the earliest. The balance amount will be refunded to you within 7 working days.

    Absolutely! We will help you create your ad, depending on what would you like to communicate through the ad. We will need a certain elements from you though like your logo, offer if any and the communication

    Coral candid will help you with creating online banners which are required to execute the media plan. You will need to approve the finalized creative before running your campaign

    Yes you can depending on the duration of the campaign. It will require a lead time of 2 days if MediaQart has to make a new creative.

    Once you begin your journey with MediQart you will be getting regular notifications on  offers valid for your industry

    Since the inventory is booked in advance and the platform is automated, only prepaid campaigns can be executed. Your campaign will only start after we receive full payment of your invoice

    Yes. If the campaign has to be stopped due to a valid reason, a campaign cancellation request can be sent depending on the duration of the campaign,  and the pending amount will be refunded in 7 working days.

    We have a 100% secured payment gateway, however, due to any reason the transaction fails, the money will be automatically refunded in 7 working days. Alternatively you can write to us at info@mediqart.com

    You will receive an invoice on campaign completion.

    A campaign report will be updated every 2 days, which will help you track the performance of the on-going campaign. A complete analysis of the campaign will be provided at the end of the campaign giving you an indepth analysis of the completed campaign

    Digital is a ROI driven platform and depending on the objective and seasonality of your product the frequency should decided. If you are launching a new product then the initial burst needs to be heavy enough to generate the awareness and recall. If you are looking at specific performance parameters like website clicks, leads, depending on the numbers you want to achieve the duration and frequency can be set.

    Having said that our media planning solution will help you create optimized media plan based on the business objective.