Opportunities for Businesses with Digital Advertising - Part 1

In India, digital advertising is flourishing with plenty of opportunities. Coming of age

Power of Digital Media-Part 2

Hello friends, welcome to the second part of ‘Power of Digital Media’.

Power of Digital Media-Part 1

Advertising has always been an essential facet of establishing the success of your product.

Best practices for online advertising

Online advertisement is an effective way for businesses of all sizes to expand their reach, generate new customers

Social Media Optimisation

Social media optimization (SMO) is the process of increasing the awareness of a product

Top Businesses to Target This Dussehra

Dussehra is around the corner and businesses are expecting to increase their sales.

Growth of Digital Advertising in India

Digital advertising in India has come a long way and digital is no longer just a medium but has become a way of doing business.

Top Businesses to Target This Navratri

As the season of Navratri approaches, businesses are expecting to hit big sales figures and profit. Many businesses flourish during this festive season.

Benefits of advertisement on the internet

Advertising is one of the important aspects of every business.

Importance of images in Facebook

Sharing a splendid image on social media always outpaces other posts and keeps the audience engaged and makes them responsive.

The Facebook image verification tool

Ideally Any image used to advertise on Facebook shouldn’t contain more than 20% text. But we have seen some images containing upto 40% text are acceptable.

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Marketing always has been an important strategy for businesses and it contains numerous effective tools to channelize in the right direction.

How does lead generation work in Facebook ?

Growth and survival of any business depend on its lead funnel and ultimately their conversion to buyers, thus increase sales of their goods and services.

Types of Facebook Advertising

Facebook reported of 241 million active users in India, Facebook is by far one of the most used social media platforms in India and abroad.